Who Doesn’t Want to Be Brilliant?

I’ve been MIA for a while…again. Health has been a bit of a problem lately, with the “joy” of looking at my 14th brain surgery this month. That’s 14 in not even 9 years, most of them within the last year, actually. So, yeah, life’s been rough…but I must keep writing.

So I’m going back to writing promptsBrilliant is today’s word. And the first thing it made me think of? I want to be…I strive to be a brilliant author. Will I ever get there? Doubtful. I’m certainly no Austen or Dickinson or Poe or…take your pick (I have plenty more myself–Hawthorne and Fitzgerald; or Lowell, Frost, and Longfellow–if you prefer poetry), however much I may wish. I will never achieve their immortal levels. I will never have a book that’s required reading in high school or college. Goodness, as it is they’re doing away with that beautiful part of literature classes.


But, and let me be clear, I will striveevery single day, for that brilliance. I will aim for the moon and, hopefully, land among the stars, to use an oft-applied motivator.

And ya know what?

So should you.

One thought on “Who Doesn’t Want to Be Brilliant?

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