Why Do I Have to Have a Reason?

Southern Gospel

My husband loves and adores (and is instilling this love and adoration in his daughter) Southern Gospel Music. I personally hate it. And he asked me one day (well, many days, because I just didn’t have an answer): “Why?”

I couldn’t understand why I had to have a “why,” and it infuriated me. To me, Southern Gospel is irritatingly peppy, but that wasn’t good enough for my husband.

Finally, one day, I told him: “It’s like a Barber Shop Quartet, which I can only listen to for so long, on way too much crack. It’s–if this is possible–too happy, too peppy, too annoying. They’re just too dang happy about something that doesn’t even Biblically jive half the time (like having a mansion…they’re not mansions like we think of, guys, I hate to tell you–more on that later, maybe).

So, that’s my reason. Most days it’s still not good enough for my husband, but I don’t know what else to say. So I ask you (just to start a dialogue), whether you like Southern Gospel or not, is my reason a reason? Or do I need more of a reason?


4 thoughts on “Why Do I Have to Have a Reason?

  1. I was raised in a Black Baptist Church I used to love the music. I feel that it has lost its true meaning .So many artists are more concerned about being in the top ten than glorifying God our father. The beat is great but are they saying anything . I now like the Christian Pop music more where there is a message. No need to fight your husband over it he like what he likes you like what you like. There is no right or wrong .

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  2. I like it. When they are in harmony, with a great bass, it touches my soul, and I feel closer to God. I also believe that the songs that are biblically sound have brought many to salvation than maybe sermons. But, you have a right to dislike it. Not even husbands and wives like all the same things. I do call it God’s music, but I love country music. Regina.

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