Bewildering Living

As Christians, we’re called to be separate from the world. In most cases, this should lead to a bit of bewilderment on the parts of non-Christians. We should be different enough that people wonder why. They should be asking, “Why are they different?” and “What drives them?” In some areas, we may be radically different; while in others, we’re simply slightly different. Maybe it’s the way we handle a difficult situation; perhaps it’s content we refuse to watch or read; it could be words we don’t say or clothes we won’t wear.

It is, I must say, of utmost importance that, as Christians (and people in general), we don’t do these things with a sense of self-righteousness. We are no better than anyone who doesn’t follow what we do. The only difference between us and a non-Christian is the saving grace of God–and that’s what makes us different.

So, Christian, strive to instill that sense of bewilderment in people that will lead to a sense of wonder and, possibly, a changed life.



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