Don’t Blink

Before I wrote this, I put on Kenny Chesney’s song by the same title, and as the line about your babies growing old was sung, I tapped my young daughter, who was leaning on me, on the nose. When the chorus was sung the last time, I didn’t do it: rather, my baby tapped my nose at that exact spot in the lyrics.

The lyrics to that song (which you can listen to on YouTube here), need to be taken to heart. Don’t blink, or you’re going to miss life. Don’t fall asleep; don’t take anything for granted. Don’t even blink. When I met my husband, my now-step-daughter was two. Three years later, she’s grown up so quickly; she’s learned so very much, and I’m not prepared. Before I know it, my little girl will be going to prom, then college; and then she’ll be walking down an aisle to her own husband or changing the world from her own world in which she’s doing whatever she’s chosen to do with her life.

I know this is a short blog post compared to most of what I post, but the message isn’t complicated. I’ll say it once more: don’t blink. Just don’t.



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