Don’t Wanna Stay This Way

I’m going to start out by stating that I didn’t write a post for yesterday’s word (evoke) for one reason: the first thing that came to my mind is not something I want to share with the world…at least not just yet. I actually am toying with the idea of writing a nonfiction book about what my post would’ve entailed, but I have to get the guts up.


As for coming up with a second idea, that just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t get my mind off my first idea, so a second simply wouldn’t come along.

So, instead, here’s today’s word of the day :


When people hear the word static, they often think of that dumb “stuff” that makes your clothes stick together or makes that balloon adhere to you hair or helps cause the shock you get after dragging your feet on carpet, then touching a doorknob.

But that wasn’t my first thought. There’s a possibility that my first thought was so very different because I read and write….a lot (I know: such an over-used phrase).

My first thought was a static character in a book (i.e. a character that doesn’t change throughout the story, for better or worse), followed by a thought about how boring static characters can be (though they can serve a purpose). But my ultimate thought was that, if, as a Bible-believing, born-again Christian, my life is static, I’m not growing toward Christ; I’m not striving for His kingdom; and I’m not bringing Him the glory I ought, because, well, I’m not bringing any glory. If I stay where I am and never progress, I become useless in life. I’m no longer serving any purpose: I’m not edifying other believers, ministering to the lost, or furthering God’s kingdom on this earth or in my heart.

So there it is: one of my biggest fears. I’ll admit it’s not my absolute biggest fear, but I will say it’s up there. So, all that to say: I don’t wanna stay this way.




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