Gray Areas

Earlier, I debated whether or not to do a post for the Word of the Day that I missed Sunday due to last-minute family plans. When I looked to see what it was, though, my thoughts went right to one thing. A thing I definitely wanted to write about: gray areas.

Gray Area - 1

I don’t believe that all things are black and white. Oh, many a thing is, but not everything. There are more than just a few areas in life that are gray areas. I’m going to mention just a few Biblical areas (since, for some reason–Holy Spirit?–the Words of the Day have given me a Biblically inspired lean). Since three is a nice number (and the number of the Trinity!), I’ll pick three gray areas I’ve found in the Bible. We’ll start more surface-level; but by number three, we’ll be getting pretty deep.

1.) Clothing
There’s some clear-cut stuff, like being modest (1 Timothy 2:9) and not dressing like the opposite gender (Deuteronomy 22:5 — which is one many use for why women ought to wear skirts all the time). Modesty is very much a cultural thing, as well as a personal thing, though there are some points that are pretty obvious: like if people sexualize that part in general (I’m not talking about guys with foot fetishes here), it should probably be covered up.
As for dressing like the opposite gender: again, cultural. The command itself is in the Old Testament. Jesus and his disciples wore robes. Nowadays, that would pretty much be a dress. Women wearing jeans in America? Not like a man, in my opinion. They look different, fit differently, etc. If anything, the phenomenon that is men’s skinny jeans is more like a woman’s pant than anything.

2.) Music
There are people that take the verse about “Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” (Ephesians 5:19) literally, to the point that nothing else is ok. Oh, and those are only hymns found in your hymnal, not contemporary Christian. There’s nothing condemning contemporary Christian or even secular music, as long as it’s not serving to tear you down. If it fits within Biblical parameters (which, I won’t lie, does state the best things are edifying), you’re probably ok.

3.) Calvinism vs. Arminianism
Told you we were gonna get pretty deep, no? But really, this is here just to say that I think it falls somewhere on the spectrum. The book of Romans is a goldmine for Calvinists, but then there are also verses about God’s loving the whole world and wanting the whole world saved, that we can’t ignore. My personal opinion? We’ll find out exactly how predestination and free will coexisted when we get to heaven.

So there you have it: three gray areas. What are some gray areas for you?



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